Force Measuring Device Calibration

  • AS 2193 NATA Accreditation
  • Calibration of Hydraulic Rams, Transducers, Prestressing, Post Tensioning, Multi-Strand, Mono and Lifting Jacks (200N to 10MN) in MPa, Bar and psi to both Digital and Analogue Gauges in accordance with AS 2193
  • Calibration of Load Cells in Compression (200N to 10MN) and Tension (200N to 2MN)
  • Calibration of Anchor Testers (Hydrajaws, includes Hilti)
  • Calibration of Tension Meters
  • Calibration of Dynamometers and Crane Scales
  • Repairs, Adjustments and Commissioning of Load Cells and Digital Indicators
  • MTS is partnered with Tractel to Calibrate, Adjust and Repair Dynafor Load Cells
  • MTS is partnered with AustSys Technologies to provide Calibration and Servicing of Dillon Tension Meters